NFR project SOCRATES (Self-Organising Computational Substrates)

2017 - 2022, Principal Investigator

Funding: ~2.1 M€

SOCRATES exploits novel substrates that support self-organization through local interactions to create a theoretical and experimental foundation for a new computing paradigm. Such a complex systems approach to analytics opens for a radical breakthrough in the field of computing, alleviating main problems of contemporary computer systems relating to energy efficiency, scalability, and self-learning. The investigates substrates include biological and artificial neural networks, and nanomagnetic systems.

NFR project Making Science Communication Material - Cyborg Communication

2018 - 2020, Collaborator

Funding: ~210 K€

In this project, we explore research dissemination and public engagement in the cyborg project, seeking to create a hybrid between a human and a machine.

Lighthouse project CAOS (Complex, Adaptive, Self-Organising Systems)

2017 - 2018, Coordinator

Funding: ~100 K€

Our society and many of the systems that surround us are complex. Complex can be defined as “consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts”. To understand the behavior of a complex system we must understand not only the behavior of the parts but how they act together to form the behavior of the whole. Such emergent and self-organizing behavior is a bottom-up process.

NTNU Cyborg

2016 - 2017, Coordinator

Funding: 2 PhD students

EU project NASCENCE (Nanoscale Engineering for Novel Computation using Evolution)

2012 - 2015, Researcher and Project Manager for NTNU